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When you are at the hotel, please drop in to say hello to us:  Wayne and Yein.  We are from Canada – Toronto, Ontario to be exact.  After having lived in Toronto for over 34 years, we’re now here in Cambodia with our two boys, ages 3 and 9.  Wayne’s background is in restaurants, and my background is in sales, but we are both fairly new to the tourism and hospitality industry.  However, we love to travel and have been to over 15 countries, 50 cities and altogether, have stayed in probably over 100 hotels, motels, inns and lodges.  Wayne finds it fascinating talking to people from different parts of the world and I love seeing and learning about different cultures.   Between the two of us, we are able to speak 5 languages and are in the process of learning our sixth language, Khmer.  Because we believe that the ability to speak another language will take you a little further in life, we continue to send our children to French and Mandarin schools here in Phnom Penh.  Please come find out, and test us on our languages when you drop in to say hello.  We’d love to practise our language and learn more about you!

Why Cambodia? 

You may be wondering why we chose Cambodia out of all the countries in the world.  Well, it was primarily my father’s request.  You see, we are Chinese in ethnicity but I was actually born in Cambodia, and so were my father, grandfather and great grandfather.  When war broke out, we fled to Vietnam and immigrated and settled in Canada.  My father came back to Cambodia about a decade later in 1990 and had worked really hard to build a business.  His perseverance and hard work had finally paid off in the last five years, and he had proposed for us to come back to Cambodia as well.  My father believes that Cambodia is now the land of opportunities as it is developing, and we could make an impact here given what we’ve learnt and been exposed to in a developed country.  He also believes in giving back to Cambodia and China, where our journey had all started.  After some reluctance and contemplation, we have finally taken the plunge.  And so here we are, trying to make an impact to all travelers coming through the doors of the Apple Hotel Three.

What is Apple Hotel Three?

The name Apple Hotel stems from the idea that the apple fruit is not indigenous to Cambodia, and hence, Apple Hotel represents a hotel that is not the typical Cambodian hotel.  It is rather more westernized in style, décor and level of cleanliness.  It aims to meet the needs of many foreign travellers.

While this is the third Apple Hotel my father has built in Phnom Penh, each one has its own niche and mandate.  At Apple Hotel Three, this is our mandate:


Providing a safe, comfortable and convenient place to welcome travellers from all around the world to collaborate and generate business opportunities as a whole.


To be your first-choice hotel for safety, comfort, and convenience when you’re in Phnom Penh!


  • INTEGRITY – we are honest and fulfill on our word. If we can’t for some reason, we’ll communicate it.
  • GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT – we strive towards improving our self, our team, our organization, our country and the world!
  • COLLABORATION – we work together to help each other accomplish his/her goal.
  • EFFICIENCY – we respect everyone’s time and always deliver promptly, as promised.
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – we care about leaving a small carbon footprint and giving back to our community.


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